Freedom vs. power

freedom vs. power

We defined freedom as the ability to make your own choices. The word 'power' usually refers to the ability to influence or control other people's choices in life. People who are said to have great power, have many possibilities to influence and change large numbers of people’s choices and decisions. Whether they use their power to benefit themselves or to benefit others, people who are in positions of power or authority have more abilities to influence large numbers of people’s choices and decisions.

Power corrupts

It is not always human nature to care more for others than for our own well-being. People can be very selfish, and this is no different for people in positions of power. Usually, in order to get to any of those important positions, one has to be very selfish indeed. One can only hope that great power comes with great responsibility, but unfortunately, this does not always seem to be the case. On the contrary, all too often, great power appears to coincide with great corruption. History shows us that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is for this reason that people and organizations with great power should always be closely monitored.


Of course this does not mean that you have to become completely paranoid. But it would not hurt either to develop some kind of extra sense, to start noticing how certain people and organizations are jointly working in secret to gradually extend their power at the expense of our freedom. Put it in other words: we want to make you aware of the many ways in which certain people and organizations are working around the world in a joint effort to limit your freedom!

Conspiracy Theory

From our early childhood we are taught to respect and trust powerful organizations like our churches, corporations, hospitals and governments. We are trained to start laughing, and make lame jokes about tin foiled hats, once the word conspiracy is mentioned. And no matter how much evidence is shown to support the claim of a conspiracy, it will always be called a ‘theory’. Therefore most people tend to take conspiracies with a grain of salt, categorizing them as fables without ever doing any serious research on them.

Freedom research

Conspiracies that threaten our health, freedom and well-being, ought to be exposed. Most people will agree on that. But who is going to do the research into these conspiracies, knowing that even mentioning the very word conspiracy will be a certain cause for laughter and ridicule? To solve these issues, we need to shift away our attention from the fear of being ridiculed, to the fear of seeing all these threats to our freedom become reality, if they haven’t become reality already! We can only learn to defend and extend our freedom as soon as we begin to be open all possible explanations, especially when we are presented with loads of evidence to support them. We must be open to the possibility that not all powerful people and organizations can be blindly trusted to take care of our well-being, no single information source can be completely relied on, and no conspiracy theory is too crazy to consider doing some serious research on. In many instances, reality proves a lot stranger than any theory could explain! 

Collection of research aims to provide a collection of research from many different researchers around the world, whose research have a clear link to our main objective: freedom. What this comes down to is that our website will display a huge number of different topics and subtopics that in one way or another relate to our current freedom, to possible threats to our freedom, and to possible solutions to these threats. None of these researchers proclaim to know the absolute truth about everything, nor do we. But many of these researchers have proven to have great awareness of many freedom related issues. Our website is a tribute to all these researchers who have faced laughter, ridicule, penalties, prosecution, demonization and even death, only for making threats to our freedom known to the general public.

Information war

Understanding the deceptive power game of the elite and their hidden agenda is crucial to learn to understand the many varying topics you will find on this website. The power elite have proven very capable in hiding the truth. In many cases though, they have chosen to hide it in plain sight. What this means is, most of their secrets are either out in the open, or have been revealed by researchers. But since most people would never even wonder about these things, let alone possess the knowledge to understand them, these secrets still remain hidden to the ignorant masses. Meanwhile, everything is done by the power elite to keep the masses ignorant about their secret plans. Owning virtually all economic productive means, including all education, news media and radio and television networks, the power elite virtually own public perception. Using these powerful tools, they have been manipulating public perception for many years with the most blatant hoaxes and lies, only to steer the ignorant masses into the direction they desired.

Lies and deception

The more research you do into any of the topics on this website, the more you will find yourself to be living in a world of lies and deception. Everything you have ever learned may actually be completely false. It will be up to you to question the information on this website from your own current world view, or to try to broaden your own world view using the information on this website. We suggest you do both, keeping a critical mind to anything you have ever learned so far, as well as to everything presented on this website and in the rest of your research. Remember no single person can make you see the truth. It will be up to you to discover it yourself. 


After doing research into freedom related issues for many years, we believe we have gained a thorough understanding of how all these topics interrelate to threaten our health, freedom and well-being. On top of providing you with a huge collection of amazing research, we hope to provide you some guidance into the jungle of information and misinformation. Freedom related issues are often obscured from the general public, and often require some inside knowledge to understand their full scope. We hope to provide you with a structure, a way of thinking, so that you will learn to recognize and understand all freedom related issues yourself. With the guidance of this website, we hope you will open your eyes to the many findings of so many researchers who all came to similar conclusions, while keeping you from stepping from one false belief into the next. 

Strategies of power

Understanding the many ways in which you are being manipulated away from freedom is essential to start defending your freedom. Some freedom related issues may be easy to understand, while others can appear extremely complicated or farfetched. It is for this reason that we wrote this introduction guide to our website. We categorized all topics on this website according to our view, and we support topics with critical notes and comments. We should state, however, that none of the views of the researchers on this website corresponds completely with our own view. It is our aim to show you an oversight over the matter by showing you many details and insights from many different people, and provide you with the tools to understand how these details are interrelated to grant ever more power to those in power, while taking away ever more freedom from the rest. When the hidden power game becomes clearer to you, the main players become more visible, and their objectives, instruments and strategies better understood, it will become easier to see how and why they have organized our society to function in such a cold, cruel and miserable way, and why solutions to end war, poverty and general misery appear so far out of reach.

Secret Agenda

And if you think the world looks bad enough as it is, you will certainly NOT want to learn about the secret plans that lay for the years to come. Understanding the agenda of the hidden power elite, however, is pivotal to understanding what you can do to defend your freedom. People who start revolting without understanding the secret agenda, will always play into the hands of the power elite. You have to understand their power game, and be able to think along their lines of reasoning. You will learn that the power elite applies a very different type of logics than you have learned so far, and you will have to understand their logics to be able to see through their plans and facades. The secret agenda of the hidden power elite has been kept secret for many years, but by now, many parts of it are either being fulfilled, or have already been fulfilled, allowing many the remaining parts to be out in the public, waiting for the right time for their implementation.

Public awareness

The secret agenda of the power elite has been researched and understood for a long time, and has proven to be correct in countless of cases over many decades, even centuries. But the public awareness of its existence, and its threat and implication to our freedom, health and general well-being, has remained close to zero. We all learn in school how the Nazi’s used corruption to get to power, and how Hitler used his power to step on the face of humanity. But most of us tend to look the other way when our own politicians are using exactly the same tactics of fake science and blatant lies to talk us into war and conflict, while robbing us of our individual freedoms with all kinds of bull-shit laws. Only those few willing to open their mind and think beyond the boundaries of mainstream media and education, have proven to gain appreciation of the seriousness of the current threat to our freedom, and have often chosen to face ridicule or worse by trying to make others aware of it.

Historical perspective

Understanding our society, and understanding the many freedom related issues in our society, is not possible without a clear historical understanding of the development of power and freedom in our society. Therefore you will find that our website has many topics that delve into history. And again you will soon discover the loads of evidence suggesting a very different history from what you’ve probably learned so far. The ‘official’ explanation of history appears to ignore great and amazing archeological findings only to uphold its false presumptions and fabricated theories. Real history, beyond the limitations of official historic dogma, appears to be many times more fascinating, and inspiring to gain ever more insight into the power structure of our society, and its influence on our freedom.

Scientific perspective

In its core, science is nothing more than finding the truth. Unfortunately, due to the secret game of power and corruption described earlier, mainstream science seems to have become little more than a vehicle to make lies and propaganda easier accepted by the ignorant masses. Schools and universities have been designed to keeping the masses in a trance of semi-understanding by flooding them with lies and half-truths, with the sole purpose of revealing the actual truth. Diplomas appear to be the proof of solid indoctrination, rather than a reward for gaining actual insight. Indeed, the true reward for gaining actual insight would be having greater possibilities, hence greater freedom. Instead, in our society, a diploma is nothing more than a proof of servitude, obedience, and blind acceptance of the most blatant lies and scientific hoaxes. On top, our diplomas serve as an entrance to the labor market, the next step in our slave existence.

Economic perspective

Only few people seem to ever wonder, how or why the enormous technological progress of the 19th and 20th centuries has never been able to help humanity overcome the most basic economic problems like poverty and basic health issues. On the contrary, these issues are now troubling larger parts of the world population than ever before, including many people in the so-called prosperous Western nations. Nobody ever seems to wonder why all prices are always going up, even though the costs of making our products, through innovation of production technologies, have been steadily going down. Only few people seem to ever wonder why our government is always depending on expensive private banks to finance its public policies, why virtually every single government on this planet is heavily indebted to these same banks, why our governments are paying billions of our tax money as interest payments to these banks, or why government policies always put the interests of these banks before the interests of the common man. It does not take a genius to see how our governments are controlled behind the scenes by the banks and the big corporations, while keeping up appearances to the masses with the charade of democracy.

Political perspective

Politicians are experts in hypnotizing the people to believe the constant stream of lies that erupt from their mouths. When a politician is making a point, you should immediately start searching for the real truth behind his words. And the real truth always turns out a lot uglier than the politician’s false representation of it. Everybody has seemingly accepted that politicians lie on a regular basis, and yet, most people's confidence in government keeps standing solid as a rock. Every four years most people still go to vote for left or right, socialist or capitalist, so-called liberal or conservative, democratic or republican. And no matter what party people vote for, the politicians of left and right just keep perfecting their beloved system of law and order, by enforcing one law after the other to get ever more control over the people, at the expense of our collective and individual freedom. At the same time, their policies are designed to never truely solve any problems, and in many cases make them a lot worse. Many cases will even be shown where problems appear to be intentionally created by government, or where problems are completely fictitious, fabricated on elaborate scientific hoaxes and deceptive propaganda, to legitimize the politicians to intrude in our freedom even moire, and waste billions of our hard earned money.

Corporate perspective

Obviously money is never wasted. Money is earned by huge multibillion dollar corporations that somehow seem to always be able to get privileges that ordinary people can only dream of. Entire industries have been built to profit from government policies and expenditures, and several companies have proven extremely effective in earning expensive government contracts. The drive to earn money has proven legitimation enough for corporations to intrude in our freedom and privacy in all possible ways. Apps on mobile phones are designed to lure people into playing some stupid game, only to steal all their personal data, and sell them on the market for big bucks. And the government is completely ok with this, because money is earned, hence tax dollars are being generated. It also makes the government look less bad when it is caught itself, spying on its own citizens.

Government is a corporation

In fact, government itself is nothing more than a giant corporation that has claimed certain powers over all other corporations and people. Just like in any other corporation, in government, the finance minister (financial executive) will always have most influence in virtually any policy issue. And just like any corporation, government will go bankrupt when it is indepted too heavily. And this seems exactly to be the destiny of most nations' governments. But the supranational governments they have designed for us to take over the functions of the nation state, like the European Union and the United Nations, have been waiting in line impatiently. With a clean sheet and superb financial credibility to generate even more debts to the banksters on behalf of the people, and serviced by the people's tax money, the supranational governments will be able to monopolize all power into even fewer hands. 

International perspective


Psychological perspective


Television and News Media

Entertainment industry

Religious Perspective


Fake duality

With so many socialist politicians in power, and poverty getting more widespread than ever, socialism has either failed to get the people out of poverty, or it was simply never designed to do so. We have come to understand it is the latter. Socialism was never designed to relieve the people from their economic misery. Instead, socialism has worked to give the people false hope, while robbing them with high taxes and inflation on behalf of the banksters (jargon for banker gangsters: banksters). Capitalism, on the other hand, has failed to benefit the greater amount of people, with an exception of a small top layer of society, who benefitted disproportionally. By now it should be clear that the dualist politics of socialism and capitalism, or left and right, were never intended to give us a real choice. Rather, we should start to see how the fake duality of competing politicians always ends up with the same result: giving the government, the banks and their corporations, and the hidden power elite behind the them, ever more wealth, power and control over the people. And the people, whether they voted left or right, always seem to end up with ever more rights and ever more of their hard-earned money being taking away, only to end up with fewer and fewer possibilities and choices, hence less freedom.

Gradual change


Multinational corporations


Royalty and nobility


Religious perspective