How free are we?

I love Freedom

We all love freedom. Being free, we can make our own choices, follow our desires, and make our dreams come true. Being free, we have full control over our own lives and destinations. Being free, we can explore our own ideas, shape our own views and opinions, and live our lives accordingly, as long as we don't intrude in the peace and freedom of other people around us.

Freedom of Opinion

But how free are we? Before we start researching the society we live in, and find out about many freedom issues around us, let's first focus on the central element in your view of the society: you! Each and every person in our society is allowed to have his own views, ideas and opinions. These views and opinions may involve favorite lifestyles, politics, religion and spirituality, parenting, and many other subjects that seem to have little in common with each other.

Old woman or young?

Free your mind!

What all these different ideas and opinions of yours have in common, is that they all reflect your world view and your belief system. It is your own mindset that determines largely the way you perceive the world, including the freedoms in our society. Just like it is your own mindset that determines whether you see an old woman in the picture on the left, or a lovely young girl. To be able to see the world for what it really is, you will have to put your current world view and belief system aside, and open your mind to new possibilities and explanations. We don't ask you to stop thinking for yourself. On the contrary, we ask you to start thinking for yourself! The more you try to hold on to your current views and beliefs, the less you will learn from people with an entirely different world view. Only when you are able to open your mind to different ideas and views, and reflect on them to judge their respective validities, you may start seeing some new perspectives and learn valuable insights.

Subjective information

Hardly any of our individual thoughts and beliefs about our society are unique. Most of what we think and believe, has come to us in the form of information from other people, like schoolbook writers, teachers, journalists, politicians, who received the information from someone else, and so on. All these people may sincerely believe that they are telling you the truth. According to their world view, what they are teaching you is the truth. But who says that their world view reflects the actual world we live in? Most of them know little more than what their schoolbooks taught them, and their newspapers etc. Should we all blindly follow these so-called experts, or should we start trying to understand our society and freedom for ourselves?

Truth in fiction

When we were in school, we were led to believe that all we learned was the complete and uncolored truth. When we watch the evening news, we are led to believe the same. And when we watch a Hollywood movie, we are led to believe it is purely fictional. The more you will research your freedom, the more you will come to understand information is never this black and white. Not everything we learned in school was the complete and uncolored truth; the evening news isn't any less colored in its information, while fictional Hollywood movies sometimes mirror more truth about our the freedoms in our society than our school books.

Universal truth

Universal truth

To reality, our personal interpretation of reality is really irrelevant. Suppose we all believed elephants to be a myth, it wouldn't cause elephants to stop existing. Elephants exist, whether we believe them to exist or not. The existance of elephants on this planet is a fact, a universal truth. No matter how we perceive or interpret this truth is completely irrelevant to the truth itself. The truth exists, whether we perceive it correctly, or not. Science is nothing more than an attempt to perceive this universal truth for what it is, by filtering the ice cold facts from our own delusional interpretations of the facts.

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored" - Aldous Huxley

Science and the truth

Science is, or should be, truth seeking. In some instances, like in laboratories, scientists found methods to filter the ice cold facts from our own delusional interpretation of the facts. But in most instances, like economics and history, scientists did not achieve this. Therefore our lives are filled with countless questions, doubts and invalid beliefs, while the world around us exists of nothing than ice cold facts, or universal truth. Although social sciences like history and economics can never provide us with the complete and perfect truth, like mathematics and phsyics, in some cases, can. Many individual researchers, however, provided a pretty good view on many freedom related issues in our society. Unfortunately, their views never seem to make it to the schoolbooks and newspapers. It is to these beautiful minds this website is dedicated.

The ugly truth

There is one more problem with our subjective perceptions of this universal truth. The uglier the truth, the less likely we are to believe it. Most of us seem to favor living in a beautiful illusion over learning to understand the ugly truth. It is a trick of the mind that protect us from emotional overload. Knowing the ugly truth forces us to deal with it every day, for the rest of our lives. Ignorance is bliss Not knowing the ugly truth, or subconsciously ignoring it, can save us from a lot of emotional pain and misery. On the other hand, not knowing or ignoring the ugly truth can bring us a lot more misery, especially when we all choose to do so. And this seems to be the case with the truth about freedom. Most of us would rather not face reality when it comes to our freedom. Not knowing or ignoring this reality feels a lot more peaceful, even in our world of crime, wars and terrorism. The fear of understanding the ugly truth about our freedom seems for most people to be bigger than the fear of the consequences of not understanding it.

"It is the nature of the human species to reject what is true but unpleasant, and to embrace what is obviously false but comforting" - H.L. Mencken

Ignorance is bliss

Not knowing the ugly truth about our freedom, people can live their lives believing whatever they like. Their lives seem pretty peaceful and quiet, although they are frequently surprised by ugly 'incidents' they could never have predicted. Not being able to see the dangers ahead, most people simply choose to make the best of every moment. Their ignorance is bliss. But their ignorance also prevents them from taking action to protect themselves from the dangers ahead. As long as they don't have a clue, they don't really have a choice. But once this ugly truth, full of dangers ahead, is presented to them, they will face the moral dilemma of learning to know the ugly truth, enabling them to protect themselves, or staying on their pink cloud of happy delusions, believing whatever feels least troublesome.

Red pill or blue pill?

Take the red pill or the blue?

In the science fiction movie The Matrix, this moral dilemma has been pictured very artistically. The main character named Neo is offered the choice between taking the red pill or the blue pill. Taking the red pill, he will learn the ugly truth about the freedom in his world. He is warned that knowing the ugly truth, he can never go back to his simple and seemingly peaceful life of ignorance. Taking the blue pill, he will never even know he had this choice of knowing the truth, to continue living his life in ignorance. Before you continue to study freedom, this is the question you should ask yourself too. In case you would choose to take the blue pill, we recommend you not to read on.

Together we can make a change

In case you choose the red pill, and learn to know the ugly truth about the freedom in our world, you will never be able to go back to your simple and seemingly peaceful life of ignorance. You will be bothered with every freedom related issue you encounter for the rest of your life. But the more people choose to take the red pill, the larger the cummunity of freedom researchers becomes, and the more effective our combined efforts will have, defending and pursuing freedom, and protecting ourselves from the dangers that lie ahead. Alone as individuals, we don't stand a chance against the mighty forces that limit and threaten our freedoms. Only when freedom lovers join forces, locally, nationally and internationally, we may become able to effectively protect and promote our freedoms. Learning more about your freedoms will enable you to understand our lives on earth could truly be like in paradise, if only we were truly free.