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On this website we will collect, discuss, categorize and share the work of many different researchers, each contributing in his or her own unique way to our collective understanding of freedom. This website aims to promote freedom by promoting a greater understanding of freedom, and evoke a greater awareness of so many freedom related issues in our society.

Research collection

Our website will feature reviews on books, documentaries, media footage, web pages and youtube videos, dealing with, or related to freedom. We do not necessarily agree with every detail in every video or book presented on this website. We do not claim to know the full and absolute truth. But we do believe that it is important that the work of so many great researchers, teaching us about freedom, is preserved, studied, and elaborated upon.

Defend and promote freedom

Living in freedom should never be taken for granted. Pursuing and defending our freedoms will always be of utmost importance, and can never be achieved without a thorough understanding of what freedom is, and what it isn't. We all have some vague idea about the concept of freedom, but most of us seem to lack the most crucial understanding and insights to actively defend and promote our freedoms. For example, believing that democracy automatically renders a free society is the first of many dangerous pitfalls in our quest for true freedom for all mankind. Remember dictators like Adolph Hitler were also 'democratically elected'.

Investigate freedom

Investigate Freedom

The only way to preserve our current freedoms and successfully pursue new ones, is to start learning more about the many different freedom related issues in our society. We encourage you to start your own investigation, reflect on your own ideas and beliefs, and draw your own conclusions, so you can take the actions you see fit to preserve and promote freedom. We want you to educate yourself, and find your own path in the jungle of information and disinformation. Of course, we hope to be of assistance to you by collecting, organising and sharing many different types of research we found, contributing to our own understanding of freedom.

Investigate all freedom related issues

The information on this website has been categorised into several fields of research that we are all familiar with, like economics, history, politics, technology, psychology, religion and so on. We encourage you to try understanding all freedom related issues in the entire spectrum of these fields of research. Of course you should start with the field or topic you feel most familiar with. But to understand the bigger picture of freedom in our society, you will need to understand as many different freedom related issues as you can, so you will learn to recognise the many similarities between them, and understand how they are interrelated. In order to start recognising and understanding freedom related issues yourself, you will have to become familiar with the most important motives and strategies used to limit our freedoms.

Freedom's main limitations and threats

Investigating freedom often involves investigating freedom's main limitations and threats, resulting from centralised power structures and their strategies of accumulating power and wealth. These centralised power structures can be organisations, like governments, churches, corporations and charities. They can also be less tangible, like our law system, money system, media system and educational system. They become even more obscure in the shape of all kinds of international treaties and agreements, and in the shape of secret cooperations of all kinds, like corporate kartels, secretive elitist fraternities and political plots. We have spent many years connecting the dots to provide you with a coherent view on the current status and development of our freedom. We have unraveled the system of our society to reveil the powers that limit our current freedom, and threaten our future freedom and wellbeing.

Controversial Information

Controversial information

You will find that many of the views we share with you will contradict the 'mainstream' view, that is held by the mainstream media, and promoted in our school books. However, some of these controversial views were held by some of the greatest researchers and scientists our world has ever known. So who are the mainstream media and the educational press to dismiss or ignore their ideas and insights, that could potentially enhance our freedoms, and improve the quality of our lives dramatically?

Conspiracy theory

Most people tend to ridiculise the idea of conspiracy. This would be completely rational if history had proven conspiracies don't exist. Unfortunately, history teaches us that conspiracies have always existed. And why would it be any different in our present times? The love of power has never stopped anyone from collaborating secretly, because doing so openly would hurt their ambitions. In economics, secret cooperation between competitors is so frequent, the name "cartel" is used when talking about such a conspiracy. Rejecting any type of conspiracy theory before properly having researched its details, is as stupid as stepping into a total stranger's car. Of course, not every stranger intends to do us harm, and fortunately, most won't. Does that mean we should blindly reject the possibility we might get hurt when stepping into a stranger's car? Or should we learn more about the risk before we make a decision?

Discuss and contribute

Discuss and contribute

On this website there will be plenty of room for discussion, by making comments below each article, and participating in forum discussions. Your comments will be appreciated and published as long as you make a serious attempt to give a fair, positive and valuable contribution. We value both expert opinions and newbee questions and comments. But we do not allow attempts to debunk the views on this website without proper argumantation. Criticism is great, as long as it adds new, valid arguments to the ongoing discussion, and is not intended to unfoundedly insult, ridiculise or damage the researcher's reputation.

Join us!

Building and expanding the Freedom Research Database is an ongoing effort that will hopefully never cease. It completely relies on the work of unpaid volunteers who share a love of freedom, and wish to defend and promote it through research and education. If you feel you have the expertise to make a serious contribution to our website by adding your own research articles, we welcome you to apply for an editor's position. Let's bundle our knowledge and understanding of all freedom related matters. You can also join our Promotion Team, handing out flyers on freedom festivals and celebrations. Finally, you can contribute by making donations to help finance our efforts, and invite your friends to commence their own freedom research. Together we can defend and promote freedom more effectively!