Government power

Government power

Governments like to take on the parenting role teaching us to deal with our responsibilities. If we don't deal with our responsibilities correctly, government has the power to limit our freedom by fining us, leaving us with less money and thus fewer or inferior choices to make. Government even has the power to use physical force on us, and put us in prison, thereby limiting our freedom almost completely.

Protecting our freedom

When government uses this power wisely, it will defend our freedom against those who try to limit it. Indeed, this is the most important reason why we should have governments in the first place. We can feel free because we feel protected by the strong arm of the law, defending us against intruders to our freedom. In the same way as parents, but on a much bigger scale, governments also face the difficult task of protecting our freedoms by using sanctions, which are deliberate limitations to our freedoms. So how well is your government doing, protecting your freedoms and your quality of life?

Monitoring government's use of power

The timespan of parental power is only limited. Parents want nothing more than to gradually relieve their children from their parental power, so that their children start taking responsibility for their own actions. Parents have about 16 years to influence and control their children's choices, to educate them to adulthood, after which their kids are supposed to have learned enough responsibility to start making their own choices, and live their own lives. In contrast, governments have no such relief from power. Governments hold on to their power, and keep influencing and controlling their citizens' choices for the rest of their lives, and beyond. Therefore, governments will always have to be closely monitored by free people, openly criticising government policies whenever they don't appear to serve the public interest of freedom and general prosperity.

Conflict of interests

Conflict of interests

Governments exist of people, politicians and civil servants, who serve their own private interests besides serving the public interests of general prosperity and freedom. How many politicians would be willing to give up their own power in order to allow us more freedom? In our parliamentary democracies, the politicians in parliament and the senate are supposed to be the ones monitoring our governments' use of power. However, in reality they frequently appear to have private interests for doing the exact opposite. The most obvious of their conflicts of interests is simply their desire to be in power, and stay in power.

Power corrupts

We all know that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The desire to be in power, and stay in power, is often greater than the desire to serve the public interest. And since our political systems have had centuries to develop to their current status, we should expect this corruption to be fully instititionalised into the system. And it is. Suppose you were an honest politician, ready to take the stance for true freedom. Who would support you? Would the mighty corporations donate to your campaign, knowing you are planning to limit their power? Would the people vote for you, if they have no idea about the true cause of their daily struggle for survival? Would the political parties put you in an electable position, knowing your criticisms to their policies? Would the civil servants support you, knowing you are about to shake their beloved status quo, and decrease the size of government? Would the corporate media support you, knowing you would open the door for true, uncensored and independant coverage of the news, embarrassing their staff and their capitalist owners?

Corrupted system

Capitalism: corrupted system

If you were an honest politician, ready to take the stance for true freedom, you know you wouldn't stand a chance with your ideals of true freedom and general prosperity. So the only way you are going to be a politician and have some influence, is if you accept the status quo, and go along with the system. It is for this reason that our politicians only deal with healing the symptoms of our society's misery, rather than solving its causes. Solving the true causes of the problems in our societies would never be supported by the powers that benefit from these problems, like the mighty banks and corporations. And as long as the political weight of these powers appears to be greater than that of the voter, these powers are alowed to continue promoting their private interests of profit and power at the expense of our freedom and well-being.

True power

Democracy: appearance of freedom

Let's pretend to give the people a vote in the political process. This way, they will be much more accepting if the outcome is poor, because they feel responsible for electing the wrong politicians of the wrong party. So they elect the politicians of the other party. Damn, wrong choice again, same poor outcome. So the people elect the politicians of the other party again, and keep accepting the politicians' failure to actually solve the problems in our societies. But if these politicians really intended to solve our problems, determined to free society of the forces that limit our freedoms, they would not have risen to their positions of power in the first place. They would never have received enough support from the mighty corporations and the media, and thus would be ignored by the voters. And the few honest politicians who actually manage to get enough support to stand up for our freedoms, are usually ridiculed, demonised, or killed.

Trusting our politicians

Trusting our politicians

You may still trust our politicians, and feel I am exaggerating here to prove a point. I wish you were right. I wish our politicians wouldn't be so bad after all. I wish we could believe their story that they stand up for our freedoms. But if they really do, why are they doing such a lousy job? Should we all believe in their collective incapability to solve the problems in our society, or are there powerful private interests at stake that interfere with their noble ambitions? Can we recognise their personal motives for moving along the path of power by pleasing the most powerful? Or do we continue believing them to fail defending the rights of the common people, while secretly kissing the feet of their capitalist overlords? Are we really supposed to be this naive?

Socialism: the dangerous fake alternative

Please let's not make the mistake to embrace socialism to counter the evils of capitalism. In their short existance, socialism and communism have proven to be even greater threats to our freedoms and well-being than the corrupted capitalist system. Like democracy, socialism was invented to give people the illusion of protection against the capitalist forces that limit our freedom. But socialism has never been able to counter these forces. On the contrary, socialism has always proven to be extremely cooperative with these forces, while keeping up the appearance of countering them. Socialism even takes away many more freedoms than capitalism, to the most extreme examples of the Communist experiments in the former Soviet Union, China, North-Korea and Eastern Europe, which had the most brutal totalitarian regimes the world has ever known. For gaining more freedom, socialism is probably the most dangerous non-alternative to the deceptions of our capitalist systems. Socialism does not provide true solutions to the capitalist corruption, and only adds more problems to the ones we already face.

Deceptive duality

Deceptive Duality

Socialism was never designed to actually free the laborers of the capitalist oppression, only to give them the illusion of freedom. While socialism allows the capitalist forces to continue stealing power and wealth from the common people, the typical socialist forces of big government tax the crap out of their people, to benefit the richest and most powerful, while at the same time spying on their own people, and imprisoning them. Socialism and capitalism are two sides of the same deceptive power game. Socialism and capitalism are two hands on the same fat elite belly, feeding off the poor to speed up the centralisation and monopolisation of power. If we ever want to be free, we must start recognising that socialism benefits our elite even more than capitalism or even feudalism could ever do on its own. Socialism makes us believe we have a choice. Socialism makes us believe we're protected. But we're not, because socialism facilitates the continuation of the centralisation and monopolisation of all wealth and power into ever fewer hands.

Freedom Research

It is too easy to make all these claims without giving you loads of proof. The first proof you will need to see is how corrupted the capitalist system really is, to its very core. The second proof you will need to see is how socialism facilitates the capitalist evil, by making the people falsely believe that socialism stands up for the rights of the common people, while in reality, it kisses the capitalist feet of power. As long as the people can be deceived to believe in this fake duality, our freedom will keep deteriorating toward totalitarianism and complete slavery. As soon as we start understanding how capitalism and socialism have successfully fooled us for so many years, we can start seeing what real alternatives to this fake duality look like. The symptom fighting of our current politicians can never solve our problems, because our politicians are committed to the private interests of their capitalist overlords by creating and sustaining our problems. Our politicians never intend to actually solve the causes of our problems, since solving our problems would not benefit their masters. The sooner we stop electing these fraudulous capitalist and socialist politicians, the bigger our chance to be living in a world of true freedom and general prosperity some day.

The media: sleeping watchdog

How about the media? They are trained professionals? They are educated to alert us when interests of power coincide with our freedom and our well-being? Would they not alert us

When power is used to improve other people's lives, it enhances their freedom. However, not all power in our society seems to be directed at improving the quality of our lives and our freedom. Researching these forces that limit or threaten our freedom, and understanding their motives and strategies, is necessary to start seeing the solutions to most problems in our society. Only when we understand the true cause of these problems, we can start working on formulating and initiating true solutions. And those appear always related to

The more power one individual, or group of individuals gains, the more we should research this individual or group. We should learn to understand their motives and strategies, and see whether they use their power for their own good, or for . When power is used to promote private interests

Everybody wants to rule the world

I don't believe that everybody wants to rule the world, because it must be a hell of a job! But we all love power. I think it's fair to say most people would love to be powerful, but most of us are not, or have very limited power to influence other people's choices in life. Most people deeply admire the rich and powerful, who appear so blessed with their fame and fortune, and treat them as idols. But why do so many people have this obsession with power?